Are We There Yet?

Puzzle 1991 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Education Strategic scope

Jigsaw puzzles, whack-a-mole, word puzzles collection

Are We There Yet? Is a bundle of games, not much edutainment in there, though a slight whiff of educational purposes behind it all still lies. Still, what you get is a mildly entertaining collection of minigames, inspired by arcaders or by other real world games. A Whack-a-mole game is included, a few jigsaw puzzles, and also word based games too, though these word based ones are rather crude and uninspired, though, due to their simplicity, maybe they are better for children, though I wouldn't count on that too much, due to the graphical presentation, which, for lack of a better word, I'd say is just lacking... At any rate, as far as these collection of games go, this sure has some value in it, in that if you get bored of a task, you can try another. Plus, the puzzles will entice you in different ways, which is nice, as you can choose to go for a reflex type of game, or you can go for a game that just tests your memory or concentration. Still, for a better option, download Microsoft Arcade which does a much better job of offering you both variety as well as quality.

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