Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess

Strategy 1996 Windows Simon & Schuster Interactive Board games

Internal chess master Maurice Ashley know what s up!

This is one of the most user friendly chess suites that I've ever tried! I mean, yes, I can go on all day long about the quality and value of Chess Master suites but Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess does a really rare job of presenting chess as the fun packed game that it is. Yes, the guy has a specific flavor of spicing up the presentations, the teaching of the basics and the teaching of advanced skills and ways of looking at the game. Therefore, you get hooked, and before long you will have learned quite a bit. The game is well executed graphically, in terms of how the materials that are presented are organized and there are many areas of chess that are focused upon. Plus, the game can be not only your coach, but also your most feared adversary, though you can gradually increase the difficulty of the matches, so you'll be faced with increasingly more difficult challenges as you go on. So, overall, Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess is a great, user friendly chess tutoring game, maybe one of the best out there.

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