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Inspired by Checkers but with balls!

Funball is a sort of top down Checkers like game, however, it has its own changes in the settings and the play style. It is however a game that is played in turns and is also a game that takes strategy, though it certainly is not as hardcore as, say, chess. Each player (two human players or player vs. AI) take turns to move a ball onto the grid. The grid itself is an 8x8 grid, and each player has its own base, starting positions. The bases can be teleported, they can be sprung to other destinations on the board and, also, there are 13 different types of bases, each with its own effects on the game. Also, the balls are of different sizes and they can be manipulated differently and behave differently. It's if you will, a futuristic Checkers game, a sort of Sci Fi production, but overall, a very well done, and well balanced game. Graphically it's not some terrific game, but you don't have any issues analyzing the board and making decisions, as the balls and the grid are well done. So, all in all, for turn based lite strategists, it's a game worth having in your collection.

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