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For when chess gets to easy

If Chess is getting too boring for you and you fancy a new challenge but with a similar concept, then this little game should be your new best friend. It's a superb game which mixes the classic childhood activity of of rock/paper/scissors with the complexity of chess and which makes for a great experience. The goal is to capture all of your opponent's pieces and with the game playing out on a 6 x 6 board. Players each have 12 pieces, four rock, four scissors and four paper, with the rules following the original (i.e rock can capture scissors, scissors paper and paper rock). Things are played out in the usual turn-based fashion with the victor being the one who captures their opponent's pieces first, while the game can also end if no one can make a move. That's basically all there is to the game but while it's very easy to learn, it's also very difficult to master and which provides it with much of its appeal, similar to chess, Checkers and Mahjong. While visually Trimok is far from being the most exciting game in the world, this isn't really the biggest problem as it's the gameplay which is the draw here. The computer makes for a very challenging opponent and it will take some time to beat it, thanks to the requirement for strategy and tactics which is on display here. However, there is a fairly major issue which prevents this from being a complete classic, and that's the fact that the game is played out on a pretty small board but with a relatively large number of pieces. This means that matches are over very quickly and it's often easy to predict the outcome about halfway through. Apart from this though, this is a fun little time waster.

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