Mega Man

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox Capcom Robots Platformer

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A classic platforming game

Mega Man is a popular cult game, that has spawned many fans and sequel follow up's that continue to this day. The ability to select characters each with their own ability, made it a highly popular alternative to many of the boring same old character Mario Bros style platform games from it's day. The interesting and varying levels make it a game with very high replay value. The list of Mega Man games includes over 100 titles, so there are too many to mention, however one of the more recent well known games would be Mega Man X. The game was also known simply as "Rockman" on the Nintendo Famicom console in Japan. The original game was produced in 1987 and was actually very good in all areas of gameplay, graphics, replay value and ability to keep you interested and playing for hours, considering it's age and many of the other primitive games going around at that time. I personally found the game to be extremely difficult, which made me wonder why it has achieved such cult status. I guess, I simply don't have the patience anymore for such difficult games, however I am certain people would have found this sort of difficulty in a game to be normal and challenging in 1987. Great job for the programmers at Capcom, which made them a well known video game publisher and developer.

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