Mega Man X8

Action 2005 Windows Capcom Robots Platformer 3D

A new era for Mega Man

On the NES and the other platforms where Mega Man made its name known, it sure looked cartoonish, unpretentious and was kind of on the harder side of platformers. But it was never unfair, though it asked you to master your character, and its abilities, no matter what actual Mega man you picked, fairly well, to manage the different levels/missions. However, many were still in love with the games, but they wanted a version that felt current, modern, and Capcom surely delivered in 2005, with this game, a modern, colorful, glazing and speedy adaptation, that will overexcite and make your heart skip a beat! In a way, some of the innocent charm of the originals is lost, but on the other, this hyper charged version still shines and still has a worthy place in the game realm. So, without a question, those that love current trends of indie platformers will appreciate this one as well. Not in the sense where Mega Man X8 would explore some weird temporal mechanic or some other gimmick, but in the sense where the graphical ante is upped a lot and where the gameplay will remind you of the older titles, having that something, mathematical, feel wise, I don't know, that made the older titles stand out. Very enjoyable, but maybe to modern for some...

Decent platform and adventure game

It is a platform game which has a serious and conventional plot to it. The game is a part of the Mega man series as the rebellion on earth has continued and the humans have now taken up some serious research and development. They aim to colonize the moon and are sending different articles and handmade stuff through an orbital elevator. It also features modern generation of Reploids that will work on the moon. The game is purely a sci-fi fiction but it involves various diverse missions. There are three characters in the game including Mega Man and they have their distinct qualities which brings a variety to the gameplay. They will use their own weapons to counter the enemies and advance on. The graphics are very decent and the gameplay is quite unique and diverse. The level designs that have devised are very creative and give you a good variety at every level. The navigation can sometime get frustrating but it's all about how you master over the controls. Mega Man X is the game from where this series started and has advanced on both in terms of graphics, quality, fun and adventure.

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