Mega Man 5

Action 1992 Nintendo Capcom Robots Platformer

Mega Man strikes back

Mega Man 5 might not offer much in the way of evolution or development when compared to the earlier titles in the series but there's no denying that it offers exactly what you want from such a game. It combines exploration, platforming, and action in fine fashion to create a compelling adventure that is one of the best of the early games in this much-loved franchise. The plot line is the usual nonsense, revolving around the series staples of mad doctors, robot armies, and an array of strangely named villains and heroes and which requires you, as Rockman, to step in and investigate to uncover the mystery. What follows is a typical Mega Man title where you explore a series of sci-fi themed platform levels, taking out the bad guys with an array of weapons and putting your platforming and blasting skills to the test, including against some pretty fearsome bosses. There really isn't anything new in this version, so if you have played any of the earlier games, you're going to know exactly what you're getting yourself in for if you play this. Some might find this lack of progress disappointing, and indeed it is, but the fact remains that this is still a top notch example of the genre. This is mainly thanks to the solidity of the design choices made here, with the level design being superb so that the lack of development never really becomes noticeable until you sit down and think about it. The visuals look lovely, in that old-school NES way and the controls are tight and responsive so if you're not bothered by the lack of changes, this is a must play.

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