Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake

Action 1990 Dos Konami Military Mystery

One of the most successful action and strategy games

Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake is a 1990 game, the sequel to one of the most successful action and strategy games. Those that like stealth games will definitely love this one! You will involve in missions that require you to remain unnoticed, otherwise, the chances to succeed and to handle the situation are minimum. Well, let's say you are capable to engage in combats, but only if you are equipped with the proper weapons. Nonetheless, remember that these weapons are hard to obtain. The story is about a scientist named Dr. Kio Marv that was kidnapped shortly after he invented "oilix", a substance capable of producing petroleum. The ones responsible for his disappearance are some soldiers that were living in Zanzibar Land. You play as Solid Snake, the hero that has to save the world, and Dr. Kio Marv. Metal Gear 2 comes with improved and more elaborated graphics, with stronger textures and locations to explore and with new abilities for your hero: he now can knock on walls and to crawl. With new skills comes a better artificial intelligence, as your enemies will have a wider perspective upon the areas, and this leads to an extra effort into not getting detected. All in all, play this memorable game with a fascinating plot, challenging fights, and with a suitable music for every scene!

It's Metal Gear, yes, but does that make it good?

MGS might be one of the greatest games ever to be released. The plot, action, stealth and such was all top notch. It's predecessor, Metal Gear 2, Solid Snake, was released only in Japan for the MSX computer. Is it as fun as Metal Gear Solid? Not by a longshot. Is it a fun game? Well, not really. The control is very clunky, but you can change it. The AI is stupid as hell, they must be wearing horse blinds or something because they can't see you unless your are directly in front of them. Fighting enemies is just retarded. It flat out doesn't work The plot, however, is really REALLY good. It's on par with Metal Gear Solid. The whole plot makes a player see past how crummy of a game it is to play just to see what happens next. I, however, wasn't that into the plot so I gave this game up about half way through. Good plot, not so good game.

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