Chaos Engine

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Bitmap Brothers Military Top down Shooter Shooter action Sci fi

Battle the Chaos Engine and survive!

The GOG version of the game features the original game, with its original graphics, but also an enhanced mode, that adds better textures, smoothes some of the graphical glitches of the original and, generally, is a bit more polished, for the modern audiences. But, no matter how you choose to play the game, classic mode or the enhanced version, you will find that both of them are well produced and have a lot of meat on their bones, giving you the ability to truly take it all to the next level. Plus, Chaos Engine has a cool futuristic story, about a machine that comes to be and that will begin to take down the world as humanity knows it at that point in time, but a group of humans have the strength and the courage to go on against it, and thus allow you to get immersed in a whole bunch of action. More than anything, Chaos Engine is cool because it has some random portions, but it also has some portions that are already written and hardcoded, and so, even if you replay some of the missions, some aspects of them will be different every time. Definitely a cool experiment, a sort of lighter Syndicate like game, with just a hint of tactics, but never fully explored.

Weapons on!

Chaos Engine is a fantastic action pack shooter game that reminds me of all those tank shooter games, Mass Destruction for instance, only this game is played with humans. The game is created primarily for a two player game, but if you don't have a partner, the computer can be your bud. You have a wide variety of mercenaries to choose from, and each one has their own individual stats and weapons. After you've selected your characters, you and your companion fight in jungles and forests against various alien monsters and other deadly enemies and try to kill more enemies than the other guy and have a higher score. The gameplay is action packed and very exciting - there is always someone at your throat and you can't keep your eyes from the screen for a second, especially if you consider that you have to kill more enemies than your partner. There are a lot of cool powerups that you can pick up on the way, making the game even more interesting. The graphics department is very satisfactory, with clear images, nice coloring and very good animation. Overall, this game provides everything an action game of this sort should have - tons of fun, addictive and exciting gameplay, a lot of action and provides a good time. Recommended!

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