Super C

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox Konami Military

Shooter and arcade platformer

Super C is a game in the Contra series, much beloved on the NES, for its simple and straightforward, yet very playable shooter and platformer action. However, Super C, a game that appeared after Contra had won the hearts of platformer action players, did not capture the essence of the original that well. Heck, it didn't even try too hard. The game is flawed in the design of the levels it is made out of, it is flawed in its graphic depiction and even in the very crude animations it sports. It is very hard to understand how such simple mechanics and level design ideas could have been botched so hard, but this is the state of Super C. Therefore, you might want to only give it a short lived go, while you pick from any other platformer arcade with a shooting twist from the era. The original Contra is clearly a choice, a game such as Xargon might also do the trick, while Metal Gear Solid will give you the best approximation of what this game would have been like if it were polished enough and sported true value. But as it is, Super C remains a shameful stain on the Contra franchise.

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