Midnight GT: Primary Racer

Racing 2002 Windows Global Software Car simulation Rally Gran Turismo

Which one's the gas?

Midnight GT is something of a cheap affair, an underground racer which jumped on the bandwagon created by Need For Speed: Underground and the Midnight Club franchise, and which were themselves heavily influenced by the popularity of the Fast and the Furious movies. Unfortunately, this one is a bit lacking in the thrills department, although given its low budget nature, it still puts up an admirable fight and might just about be worth a look if you're a dedicated petrol head. There's not much too the game beyond the racing, with no real story and a lack of customization and instead you're simply offered a set of ten different tracks to race around. These take place in varied environments such as the urban sprawls of Japan to rural off road tracks, and there's never more of a point to the races than simply coming first so you can progress to the next one. You've got a choice of cars to try out and there are some admittedly impressive ones here which pack some serious power. That's pretty much it for the game though, and anyone looking for the depth and longevity of Gran Turismo is going to be disappointed. However, for a simple arcade racer, this isn't bad stuff, just a tad lacking in long term appeal. The tracks that are present are quite fun to drive around, with the different environments and weather conditions making things more interesting, but there's simply not enough of them to keep you playing for long. The visuals are actually very good considering the game's nature and if you just want a slick, shallow racer for a few hours, this will keep you happy.

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