Test Drive 7

Racing 2002 Windows Infogrames Car simulation Gran Turismo

Cool and enthralling

Test Drive 7, also known as TD Overdrive: The Brotherhood of Speed, is a racing game released in 2002 by Infogrames. Infogrames is one of the largest videogame companies in the world, that delivers popular productions for all consoles and computer platforms. Test your skills and participate in illegal car races, with badass competitors, in an intense and fast experience that will definitely accelerate your breathing! You will have the opportunity to drive some of the most powerful sports cars, including Dodge Viper, Aston Martin, Nissan Skyline, Ford GT40. The cities where you will race are realistic and very well detailed, among them are recreated London and San Francisco. The soundtrack will raise you adrenaline and eager to set the streets on fire. Some of the popular artists are Limp Bizkit, Fatboy Slim and Ja Rule. Sounds good, right? The weather conditions have impressive visual effects, and they include fog, rain, snow and icy roadways. A beautiful and authentic effect is the reflexion on the car that combines the sunlight and the rain seen on your vehicle. I liked very much the multitude of selections I had to choose from: the quick race mode, where you can drive any car unlocked by you, and race against your opponents, who are very brutal in this mode. Another modes you can choose from are the single player and the underground race. Play this game, because everything about it is true fun!

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