Midnight Club II

Racing 2003 Windows 1C Company Car and action City race Action Simulation sport

A great racing game series

The Midnight Club series; who has not played any of these games? There are quite a few Midnight Club games released on many different consoles, and this is the sequel to the first Midnight Club game (Midnight Club Street Racing). If you are primarily into racing games, then this game is for you. Midnight Club II is a racing game developed by Rockstar, that is quite like an arcade racing game, that focuses more on entertainment rather than creating a realistic driving simulator like TOCA or V-Rally. Midnight Club II is simply just a checkpoint racing game, similar to Daytona USA except with a lot more checkpoints. The soundtrack is great, which contains 38 songs, which never really get boring. The songs through the game are mainly forms of techno and rap, which suit the driving genre especially when you are racing the streets at 100mph in your modified street car. One complaint throughout the game, I really want the freedom to get out of the car, run people over in the street (they always manage to jump out of the way) and explore the city, but I suppose to Rockstar's credit that was left for Grand Theft Auto games and the game designers just focused on creating a good racing game that was not violent. Another complaint is the use of invisible barriers in the race, that can be quite annoying. The races do not have set paths, which can often mean a shortcut to the next checkpoint, or a longer path if you take the wrong turn. The cars in the game all closely resemble real life cars with small differences. Your car can also take damage until it explodes or set's on fire, which resets your car back into the game. A great racing game, you can check out any of it's later sequels on PS3 and Xbox 360 which also involve motorbikes in the game which is a nice addition.

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