Midnight Oil

Puzzle 1995 Windows Randy Rasa Cards

FreeCell and Klondike combo; pretty playable and lots of fun

FreeCell is a Solitaire like game, which had stolen gameplay elements from Klondike and from Free Cell, and puts yet another spin on the classic gameplay style by introducing you to the idea of an oil crisis through a card game! Pretty nifty! Playability wise is not impeded by the fact that Midnight Oil is produced with ASCII graphics. Even in spite of this the cards are immediately readable, and thus, it's a great game, that won't put any problems in readability. Plus, Midnight Oil is great from yet another point of view too: it has a cool mix of gameplay, and even if it's solitaire, it is pretty original, which is pretty cool and interesting. Also, the rules keep in mind not only the color of the cards, but also their symbols, and thus, it all makes for a more engaging mental exercise, which, even if is engaging, it still makes for a relaxing game reprise. It's a lovely relaxing kind of game, and if you just play one or two games per session, it really takes the edge off, really well. So have it in your card game collection, it's got all it needs. Just make sure you are into ASCII graphics games!

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