Bicycle Solitaire

Puzzle 1996 Dos Dosbox SWFTE International Cards

No bicycles, all Solitaire!

Don't know about the name of this game, but whatever, it is an oldie but great collection of solitaire games, in a lot of versions and flavors. You will, get the classic, 1 to 3 cards draw, you'll get all screen solitaire (where all the cards are displayed on screen) and quite a few other versions that are not as common. By the ultimate mechanic is the same: you have to arrange the cards in stacks where the cards follow each other color and value. So, is this enough to replace your regular Microsoft Solitaire? Well it all depends on how much you like the game. I mean, for a casual player the Windows solitaire can be all that you want to try, but for a select few, a more diverse Solitaire suite can be just the thing. Graphically the game .looks more than ok: the table is green, you have a few card sets to choose from, and, generally, there are no weird glitches or anything to mess your solitaire fun. I would argue that Win7 Solitaire looks a bit sharper, but, then again, I can go down on the graphical style of Win 95 just as well, as this game feels more like an expanded Win 95 Solitaire.

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