Escoba del 15

Puzzle 1995 Windows BAss Software Cards

Spanish card game of Broom

This is a digitization of a card game which the rest of us know as Broom, playable between two players and based on arrangements of cards, within the classic 40 card decks that we'[re all familiar with. Now, each player will try to capture as many of the cards from the other player, and in order to do that he will have to be careful at the playing cards on the field, and capture all except the Horse, the King and the Jack. Each round consists of 3 cards being handed to the players, face down. Then, in turns, the players have to stack them, and then revel a card. The cards are taken when they are of the same value. The player with the most cards at the end of the game (when the cards in the stack have been depleted, that is) will be the winner. Graphically, Escoba del 15 is al alright game, it looks like an early 90s Win 3x one, which is alright. Not too polished, 2d overall and with enough info to keep on playing. You can play against the PC on 4 levels of difficulty. Also, there is a variation of the game, where the winner doesn't have to wait for the end of the game, as long as he reaches the number of escobas (the non specific cards) that were agreed (entered) at the beginning of the game.

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