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Fast paced dirt bike racer

Motocross wears its heart on its sleeve, as you will find out if you like it or not from the first dirt track race you take. The game is fast, has nice forward scrolling graphics and 8bit style sound. The races can be linked in a championship mode, or you can try them individually. There are also a few dirt bike models to choose from, but, for the most part their behavior is similar. In other words, you will most likely settle for one model and not feel the need to change it up. That is because the game doesn't really implement a too intricate physics engine, and so, winning is mostly a question of speeding right through every corner. However, an interesting tilting mechanic needs to be used especially when you are cornering. Hitting other bikes can lead to your bike being deformed for the remainder of the race, and so, trying not to hit other bikers or going out of the race is a good, valid way to play the game. Of course, this is not a game as detailed as, say, Supercross Kings but it holds to its own, without any issues. So, give it a try, if you love older bike racing games, especially if you like dirt bike competitions.

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