African Trail Simulator

Racing 1990 Dos Positive Motorbike Off road Arcade style

An African Trail motorcycle racer

African Trail Simulator tries to simulate, with very poor graphics and a few additional elements (you can take three items with you, on the trail) a race through the often desert landscapes of Africa; you are afforded points if you performs tricks (wheelies, mostly) and the game keeps on offering you new stages. The aforementioned items that you take with you will be used on the track, and can help you perform better, or can help you repair your bike. Speed, and controlling it on the trail is very important, especially when you jump or perform other stunts. If you're not controlling your bike's speed the right way you can go out of the trail and thus find yourself stranded, and/or, with a broken bike. But, all in all African Trail Simulator is a rather arcadey game experience, so give it a try; else, a better bike racer can be Harley Davidson: Road To Sturgis, still pretty old and retro, and with a similar take on high endurance racing, though much better graphics and a more expansive list of tracks.

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