Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

Adventure 2005 Windows Her Interactive Mystery Multimedia novel Crime investigation Adventure game genre

Nancy's on the case!

Here's another entry in the massive series of Nancy Drew adventures which largely lives up to the high standards laid down by its stablemates. This one combines the usual entertaining storyline with a whole lot of fun puzzles and results in a very satisfying experience which is perfect for junior fans of games like Myst. Here, our heroine teams up with the famous Hardy Boys as they invite her out West to investigate an all-new mystery. The story here revolves around a couple who set out into the Old West in search of gold aboard their little train, only to disappear completely. However, now the train has been found but there's no sign of the couple so it falls to Nancy and the boys to investigate and find out what really happened, with rumors of hauntings weighing heavily upon your mind. What follows is a classic point-and-click puzzle game where you search the train and various other locations for clues to the mystery while solving puzzles of various kinds. In many ways, this is probably one of the best Nancy Drew games on the market so if you've not played one before or are a veteran, either way this is well worth picking up. The story lives up to the usual high benchmarks laid down by the series and is well-told with lots of twists, turns and surprises to keep you hooked to the end. The puzzles are all integrated well into the story so nothing ever feels forced while the visuals are as strong as ever, with lots of lovely environments and character work to enjoy. For anyone with an interest in mysteries, this is a great choice.

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