Adventure 1993 Windows Cyan Myth and legend Horror Multimedia novel

Love it or hate it, the best known point and clicker ever!

Myst is obnoxiously praised, as well as obnoxiously hated. It's like a Rorschach test for your ability to deal with an abstracted game/object/world, and in a way, a perfect game to describe both what is great as well as those traits of an adventure that are an absolute nuisance! So, Myst! Myst sets you on a trip on this island where, while most things look like they're from the real world, they can also be quite abstract, or behave in ways you didn't anticipate! There is a story there, but it's fragmented in little notes scattered around, and the way you'll reach them will greatly influence how much sense this tale makes, or most probably how little sense it has! Your interaction is limited to clicking stuff, and most of the puzzles will ask of you to just click things until something happens. There is an internal logic to all of this, but it's the logic as the developers wanted it, or could implement it; which is to say, that, for the most part, one interaction here, and one in some remote part of the island will lead to an event. Even which, by normal standards of explaining the cause and effect of actions and reactions will most of the time seem disconnected! Welcome to Myst! However, and I'm not even sure that the developers thought this like this, if you take the game seriously, and if you have an imaginative mind, or one that doesn't crave to make sense in a standard way of things, you'll thoroughly enjoy this interact and see what happens kind of construction. So, whatever you might think of the game, try it, it's like a digital toy you need at least look at; not buy into it, but just be able to say you have experience. It can be a great topic of conversation, at the lest. Oh, and the later games are worth playing, and plus, they do manage to make more sense, and to tell more conventional stories, or in more conventional ways than Myst could/did, so do try them as well.

Read your books!

Point-and-click games are fun if they're done right: an interesting story and lovable or mysterious characters. That's why I still wish replay my personal favorite point-and-click games: Syberia and Loom. Myst is one game that not only offered me an interesting story, but it even made me wanna read books. It offers an interesting story, a mysterious character whose story will be revealed through game progression, beautiful scenery, a nice setting, gorgeous sound effects and the list goes on.Myst puts the player in the role of the Stranger, who uses a special book to a travel to the island known as Myst. There, the player uses other books written by an author known as Atrus to travel to other worlds which are refered to as ,,Ages". The clues that the player finds in the game help reveal the backstory of the Stranger. The gameplay is typical of any point-and-click games viewed from the Stranger's perspective, so there is nothing to comment about that. The one thing I have loved about the game is that the game has different endings, which are determined by your actions. The graphics are beautiful, almost as beautiful like in Syberia. All in all, if you're looking for another great point-and-click game, look no further and buy this game!

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