Agatha Christie: And then there were None

Adventure 2005 Windows Akella Mystery Crime investigation Action

A point-and-click adventure

This game, released in 2005 by The Adventure Company, is the first point-and-click adventure game from the Agatha Christie series, followed the next year by Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express. The game is essentially played from a third-person perspective, the player having to complete quests (even side-quests that can be ignored) by means of combining items and chatting to other characters. The quests, characters, documents and books are all held in a journal system to be accessed at any time by the player. Another feature of this game is the suspicion meter that affects the social relationship with other characters. The indication of the suspicion meter is affected by actions you perform directly/indirectly to the other character. This game is made after the novel with the same name written by Agatha Christie, novel who's ending is as the same with the game's that consist of solving a final puzzle. The action of the game happens in 1939 during World War II in a mansion on the Shipwreck island. The area on which the player can perform his actions includes the mansion, the surroundings of it, an apiary, a forest and a beach. Overall this game has made a good adaptation of the novel, with a bit outdated graphics and design but great character dialogue and fascinating story that you might want to take under your gaming's experience consideration.

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