Need For Speed: Special Edition

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A fantastic car racing game

The original Need for Speed game gave this series a tremendous start and this one has kept the trend on a high note. The high tech racing cars with tremendous speed and amazing control is what all racing car game lovers look out for. With this special edition, the developer has gone one step forward in bringing more versatility and thrill racing on board. The first feature which is in addition to the original NEED for Speed is that there are two new tracks that they have introduced. The graphics have been increased somewhat in terms of the versatility of the items and the colors that will be displayed on the old tracks and the two new ones. The game includes both Windows 98 and DOS version. Some very good options have also been introduced to induce enhancements in the car engine which shows in the performance of the car while racing. The music in the game is perfectly matched with racing and you get to hear the sound of cars roaring when they go at high speeds. The controls are perfectly balanced and enable you to control the car easily. This whole series has made a great mark in the world of racing car games and is still going strong.

Somewhat special

While the very first game was such a great start to the series, here is what the edition includes: DOS and Windows 95 versions of the game, two new tracks and various enhancements in the engine. Even Need For Speed II: Special Edition had a couple of cars more. So, unless you want two new tracks and an enhanced game engine, you might better stick to the original and move on to its successors.

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