On The Ball 2

Sport 1997 Windows Ascaron Soccer

Little known soccer game from Ascaron

Ascaron is mainly known for its economical and trading simulators, amongst which the Patrician series is the most notable, along with Port Royale, but, the publishers did put out a few other titles, in quite a diversity of genres. The Anstoß 2 is the second soccer sim in their portfolio, and it is a rather aged game, featuring gameplay mechanics that were well known and used at the time. What it did a bit more original than most other games was to tilt the perspective even more, so as to lower the camera towards the playing field even more, a decision that works both for and against the title. It works for it, because it offers a more direct visual connection between you, the player and the game, but it kind of backfires because there is little less space to hid the graphical inconsistencies and some other rather graphical issues, such as jaggedness, bland and repetitive animations and poor implementation of physics. While Anstoß 3 will solve some of these issues, not even the third title managed a convincing simulation, and so the series simmered down into obscurity, as it kind of was in its cards. But the series is still worth a go, just to compare and contrast the game design options that soccer games were trying back in the day.

The club is yours, make it shine!

On the Ball 2 is the second in a series of a great football management games that marked the nineties, in Germany at least. There are several great ways to start the game from - you can choose to start from the minor 3rd league and make your way up from there or you can choose your favorite football team and manage it at your discretion. You can do this for countless seasons, more than several hundred in advance! Of course, as a true management game, it gives you control over every aspect of the club. You get to buy and sell players, allocate team position and arrange the courses of the game. The goal is, of course, to be the very best. It all might be a bit too much if you're a first timer but time will do its thing and soon you'll be a football managing wiz. The options are endless and the realism very high so it's no wonder why this game made all the German football loving hearts melt. The graphics of the game are very good, but this is one of those games where gameplay is much more important than looks. Well, On The Ball 2 wins in every category. If you like to see the business and managing side of your favorite football club, this game might be the perfect opportunity. Have fun!

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