Actua Soccer 3

Sport 1998 Windows Gremlin Interactive Soccer Tournaments Sports and outdoors

A good soccer game with many leagues

For soccer lovers, this sports game has all what it takes to set your pulse rating and to provide you with a thrilling gameplay. The game has carried forward the trend of great features which was set by its previous version Actua Soccer 2. This game has even better graphics and has seen some ad-on which were not found in its predecessor. Unlike the previous flick, it features several competitive local teams which makes the gameplay play eve more diverse and fun. The platform with this one is even bigger as you have 450 international and national teams which will compete in 25 different leagues. You get to play with around 10000 players. Well isn't it amazing! It surely is but what excites me the most is the graphics that allow you to have a fair experience of what's happening with the ball. The controls however need to go under some work but still they are good enough to support an interesting battle. The keeper surprisingly cannot be controlled but the commentary in the game is more than average as it is quite thrilling. Overall you can rate this one as an average game but is definitely worth your time.

Better than the prequel

Who doesn't like Fifa? Especially when you are a hardcore fan of soccer. This is a great game for football game lover. Actua Soccer 3 was brought to market on 1998 by Gremlin Interactive. Like its previous 2 episodes Actua Soccer and Actua Soccer 2, it has some good graphics and sound effects. It is a good soccer video game. Also this version is packed with more other local teams. Also it is possible to play with different joke teams. One of the drawbacks of the previous episodes was the absence of local teams but Actua Soccer 3 has several local team playing options. This version has a bigger platform of 25 leagues with 450 national and international teams. Also you can play with more than 10000 players. With some good weather effect this game is really a good football game. The commentary of this game is also good, although the graphics is not as good as FIFA 1998.

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