Championship Manager

Sport 1992 Dos Dosbox Domark Soccer Team management

Dated but playable soccer management manager

The first in the series is always the one to take the slack, to try its hand at certain ideas and see what can be done with them. This is the case with Championship Manager, the first iteration in the series. As expected, the staple elements that will be expanded upon and polished in later games are there. You manage by interacting with a large number of different interfaces, you choose whom to purchase, whom to sell, you set goals and try to accomplish them and you can get involved in current matches. Beyond that, however, the game does not offer too much else. It simply offers you a good balance of elements, from the ones that I have stated, and it brings them forward to the best that it can. Graphically, the game is not that well executed. It is sure enough a good, nice enough game, as you never get to feel that any graphical element is not conveying the info you want, but it could have certainly done a lot more. At any rate, if you want to see how Championship Manager began, this is the title to go for, and, while dated, it is still playable.

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