Oz: The Magical Adventure

Puzzle 2000 Windows DK Multimedia Nature simulation Adventure style

We're off to see the wizard!

The classic children's story Wizard of Oz has actually spawned a number of games over the years including the text adventures with the original title and Return to Oz, based on the sequel to the movie. This one is more of an interactive storybook with some minigames rather than a genuine game but it's quite charming and uses the medium to great effect, making it great for story time on a wet Sunday afternoon. The story follows the original movie quite closely, as Dorothy and her dog, Toto, find themselves whisked off to the magical world of Oz and end up facing the Wicked Witch of the West while meeting up with some new chums. When you meet the Great and Powerful Oz, he gives you a medallion which is the key to the witch's castle but it's missing its nine jewels. You must then find them all which involves traveling to various parts of Oz and completing the many minigames. There are also some interactive animations and games which don't contribute to the plot but which are just there as an added bonus. Oz really is quite the little delight. It's certainly far from complex in terms of gaming, but for younger players, there's a lot to find enchanting here. The visuals are lush, full of vibrant color and packing a whole lot of personality, with all the classic characters depicted with charm and individuality. The minigames are fairly simple but enjoyable enough and have just the right level of challenge to make things entertaining without being frustrating or boring. All in all, a great adaptation of a classic book.

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