Wizard of Oz

Adventure 1985 Dos Dosbox Windham Classics Graphical IF

Take a stroll through Ozz`s land, adventure style!

The game, while mainly delivered as a text based adventure, also contains nice additional graphics stills, as was the thing for not that early 80s games. And, these stills, while original will mostly remind you of the original theatrical release of Judy Garland Oz feature movie adaptation. But the story is pretty closely following that of the F. Baum books, which is great. And that greatness arises mostly from the fact that this game here knows how to wrap itself around the book nicely, knows when to tell a story and when to describe a setting well, and then it knows when it is time to put a puzzle in. If you've read the book (and if you haven't already it's always high time for a little Baum!) you'll also find the puzzles to be built around interactions from the actual book, which greatly improves the satisfaction and the feeling of being there, a member in Dorothy's party. You'll also find yourself smirking with satisfaction every time you figure something out, knowing that a non reader will have had some issues there, which is great! But, nonetheless, this is not a hardcore adventure, so don't be looking for hardships in Oz land, rather come with a mindset stoked on a bit of nostalgia. That's where the game shines, with all its old school mechanics. And with this one, download one of the King's Quests as well just to have a more challenging game around, still set in a mythical land.

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