Pajama Sam's SockWorks

Adventure 1997 Windows Humongous Entertainment Casual Arcade

Sam is back!

Pajama Sam has starred in a number of games over the years, from Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside to Pajama Sam: Life Is Tough When You Lose Your Stuff, most of which have been simple but enjoyable kids point-and-click adventures. This one is just as much fun but is a bit different in terms of style, although for fans of the series, it's still well worth seeking out. This one finds Sam trying to sort out the contents of his sock draw as his mother has told him he needs to get it done before school tomorrow. However, before he finishes the job, he falls asleep only to find his dreams populated by all things sock-related, and where he creates the ultimate sock building machine to help him out. The gameplay here is puzzle focused, and requires you to sort your socks out by hitting all the various levers, switches and dials on the machine in order to get them in the right place. This requires a mix of strategy and quick thinking, and you'll need to have your planning head on as well as your trigger finger warmed up. Sockworks is a jolly little game which makes for a lot of fun for junior gamers. Sam himself remains a charming enough hero and he packs a lot of personality, and which is aided by the game's bright, vibrant visuals which bring his world to life. The many levels are clever and fast-paced, with some great design and cunning puzzles to solve and will keep you hooked right from the start. You've also got a great level editor to play around with, and which helps make this an all round great package. Definitely worth a look.

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