Pajama Sam: Life is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff

Adventure 2003 Windows Atari Humorous Cartoon Puzzle based Casual

Sam's back!

The Pajama Sam series is a bit like a junior version of the Monkey Island or Discworld games, in that they're point-and-click adventures but with a younger hero and simpler puzzles. This is the fourth entry in the series, following on from You Are What You Eat From Your Head to Your Feet and maintains the generally high standard set down by its predecessors. Sam is an ordinary kid who also happens to have a superhero alter ego and this time he requires all his skills to help him track down his most prized comic book which has gone missing. What follows is a fairly open ended quest-style adventure, where you explore various environments, looking for clues to the location of the comic book and interacting with various characters. There are also mini-games to play, as well as side quests to complete, which mainly involve collecting trading cards. This installment in the series is something of a mixed bag but which remains worth a look for fans of the series. Perhaps the most notable thing about the game is the lovely graphics, which are truly a delight for the eyes. The environments are bright and colorful, with plenty of detail to draw the attention. However, the gameplay is a little vague from the start and when you do figure out what's going on, it actually proves to be a little boring. The quest just isn't that interesting to play through and you feel like you're playing just for the sake of doing so. Music too is equally unimpressive and overall, this is a reasonable, if slightly disappointing outing for Sam.

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