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Italian sidescrolling arcade volley!

Pallavolo is an Italian game which aims to create a fun, sidescroller, arcade type volley ball gameplay formula. What it ends up with is, while playable, a little broken. The idea is that Pallavolo wants to be as simple as Pong, while at the same time, have a parabolic type of gameplay, with a ball and two other ball looking players. Your only moves are left and right, and then, the button you press to shoot the ball. Whose angle is established by the vertical angle with which you shoot it; so, the idea is to keep your player close to where the ball might fall, but at the same time trick your opponent form leaving the spot where the ball might land. You do that by, again, keeping your player in a position that will send him on the wrong side of the volley court. But, that will impact your chance of catching the return ball, if the adverse player won't get there in time to catch it. So, it's a smart game, this way, as it has a strategy, but you have to play wise. Also, what Pallavolo offer is a cool, really satisfying Pong alike, with enough novelty to keep the recipe fresh.

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