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Very simple darts sim; be precise in hitting a key!

Darts is a very simple darts simulation, or rather, an arcade take on the game; in order to shoot properly, after you choose where you want your dart to land, you have to consecutively press a button at the right time, three times: one is for the speed, the second one is for the height and the other one is for the left right alignment of your shot. Depending on the accuracy of your presses and the size of the element you are targeting, each shoot can be more or less difficult, so you have to consider each one independently. Also, a cool thing of the game is that, even if it is very simple graphically, it allows you quite a fair amount of precision in shooting. The 2D target and the reticule with which you do your precise alignment of each shot looks detailed enough, and the key presses are immediate. Other than that, the rules of the game are the standard ones, where you have to reduce a certain number of points to precisely 0 or as close to zero as possible, but not go into minus numbers, or you're loose. A similar, yet more endowed, graphically, game, is RSA Darts.

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