Buffalo Bills Rodeo Games

Sport 1989 Dos Dosbox MicroValue Other sports Shooter

Arcadey, alright, but not too longlived Western themed minigames

Buffalo Bills Rodeo Games is a collection of minigames that look like they've been grafted from Western (though European styled) cartoon comics on top of which the bare minimum of interactivity has made its way. That translates to a bundle that has riding, shooti8ng and a few other minigames in there, but none of them are too good. Not unfun either, just not that well produced, and even if they were better produced, they couldn't have really sustained themselves for too long, given their nature. The shooting minigames are probably the best ones, because they're fun and not that quirky, but the rest of them fall quite short off the mark. And so, ultimately, the collection as a whole is kind of boring. But, like I said, focus on the shooting games and they will provide a bit more fun. Graphically, quality wise we're talking about a game that looks like those olden adventure type games, the late 80s era, with graphics that are, thankfully 16 bit, so color palette wise, things are good. But other than that, Buffalo Bills Rodeo Games is not for serious minigames fans. For those, I'd reckon download California Games 2, much better overall, as a bundle.

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