Puzzle 1983 Dos Creative Software Building Action based

Get the neighborhood hooked up!

In Pipes your main mission is to get the various neighborhoods connected to a water source. However, your goal is to do so by using the least amount of resources/piping, so that will mean that you will have to tackle each different level in its very own way, trying to get the most out of each one. It can be a daunting task, yet it's quite simple, after you get the hang of it: basically, even if you have to go a certain way, to avoid an obstacle, you still need to make sure that your piping travels the least distance possible between two different locations. Graphically, Pipes looks like a cool game, 2D, with vivid colors and a certain kid's drawing feel to it all. You can customize the game by choosing how many houses to connect, and so you basically can set the difficulty level of each stage as you see fit. It's pretty cool, interesting, and will keep you entertained for long breaks. A good alternative can be Connect 4, the game where your goal is to not spill any liquid, a puzzles game that most DOS players will be familiar with!

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