Air Trax

Puzzle 1983 Dos Dosbox Presearch Incorporated Brainteaser Building

Text based air traffic control tower sim

Air Trax is a remarkable game, mostly because it wants to simulate an air traffic controller's workload and interactions, and all of it in a text only game! Wow, just wow! Because, let's face it, even the idea itself, if you're serious about it is pretty hard to see to completion, given that after all, a tower controller's job is reading a radar, plus actually looking to see the planes landing and taking off. So, as you'd imagine the idea is simple; you get a text prompt, explaining in detail what is happening in front of you. Then you have to decide what sort of action to go for. The game, to its merit has some ASCII art graphics to sort of guide you and show you where the planes are and where the tracks are, so at least some portion of the game is visual. But, then again, your inputs are text based every time. Thus, even simple commands can take a little while to input and this can be a little frustrating especially if you plan to play the game for long hours. For a few minutes though, it's not as taxing. So, overall, if you like the idea and like oldies, Air Trax will do. Else, you might like Air Traffic Controller, which, even if similarly old, is a bit easier to control and not text based through and through.

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