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Breakout with time sensitive bonus bricks

Breakout has had numerous clones and each one has added or subtracted something out of the basic game. Well, this adds and subtracts too: it adds some blinking bricks, that appear in the level at random and for short periods of time, and then it took out a lot of other elements, such as levels that have trigger bricks, that once hit take away a large portion of the brick layout, or other multi-functional bricks. What you're left with is thus a seemingly bland type of breakout. However, if you manage to hit the bonus bricks, the ones that appear only for short amounts of time in each level, you will get upgrades. One of the best is the one that adds multiple balls on screen. With this one each new shot can be vmuch more devastating. Chain together a few of these upgrades and you will have a true mayhem of balls one screen. Be lucky enough to also have a magnet upgrade and you won't lose a ball again. But, of course, these upgrades are only for the duration of a level. Start a new level and you are back to one simple paddle and one ball. Yet, the cycle continues on and on. I sure wish there were more diverse levels, but as they are they still are pretty alright, even if not that special. So try it if you'd like a simplified Breakout clone, though not without its original ideas.

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