Princess Maker 2: Refine

RPG 2004 Windows CFK Co., Ltd. Mature Content Simulation

A daughter?

An updated version of the original Princess Maker 2, this is a bizarre life simulation game which feels like a mixture of Tamagotchi and Long Live the Queen. It's not going to be a game for everyone but if you enjoy messing around with people's lives, then this is quite a fun way to do it. There's some rather bonkers background to the game, involving an army being sent from the heavens to destroy a corrupted city but which is saved by a wandering knight. When this knight comes across a girl who has fallen from the stars, he settles down to a new life of raising her as an ordinary girl. That knight is you and you now have eight years to guide your adopted daughter through, from age 10 to 18, so you're going to have a heap of choices to make about how her life unfolds, from boyfriends, to clothes, to career and so on, while there are also monsters thrown into the mix, with the game taking a sort of RPG twist if you choose a military life for your girl. There are also over 40 endings to discover, which gives you some idea of the scope of what's on offer here. For fans of life simulators, this is going to be a good choice. It's not blessed with the best translation ever, but this does add a little to the charm. This updated version has new visuals but these aren't actually as pleasant as the original's, although they're still pretty good. The gameplay is surprisingly compelling, thanks mainly to the sheer range of things to do and influence, so if this sounds of interest, it probably will be.

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