Desert Law

RPG 2005 Windows 1C Company Rpg strategy Real time strategy Strategy

I am the law!

Desert Law is another one of those low rent real-time strategy games which sprang up in the wake of Command & Conquer and Dune 2, much like titles such as KKND. Also like many of these clones, it's not altogether bad as such, just almost entirely lacking in originality and individuality, so unless you need every RTS ever created in your collection, you can easily skip this. The game is set in a typical post-apocalyptic wasteland and finds the main character, Brad, setting out in search of his girlfriend after she is kidnapped from their peaceful community. Bringing along some chums for the ride, Brad will complete a series of missions, from defending locations to rescues and assaults, while commanding various units of cool vehicles, like armed buggies and so and sending them into combat. There's no base building or resource gathering but there are hero characters who need to be kept alive, while there are also RPG elements in the way that these characters can level up and become more powerful. The story is told in light-hearted fashion through cool comic book-style illustrations which does at least help this stand out a little, but in just about every other respect, this is very much standard stuff. The gameplay is basic RTS material, and will familiar to anyone who's played anything in the genre so don't expect any radical developments. The controls are pretty straightforward as are the visuals, although some of the environments are quite nicely detailed. However, at the end of the day there are better RTS games out there, so consider them before picking this up.

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