Rise West

Strategy 1994 Dos RAW Entertainment Historical

historical strategy card game

It is a political war strategy game where you have a seemingly different but great theme. The plot is that you will use your strategy and decision in this board game to counter the opponents and build your empire by acquiring their continents. The game basically involves the use of cards for building the empire and for every card strategy that you play, you will see positive or negative results. The basic idea is to acquire the continents of the opponents through converting their people to your language and religion. The player with the largest empire at the end will be the winner. The good thing in the game is that up to 8 players can play it at a time which gives rise to a lot of fun. Similarly the A1 is also very competitive to give you a real tough time with the computer players. The graphics in the game are good and attractive and the user interface is a simple but interactive one. You also get to counter some very good puzzles which you will solve again by trading cards. So it is an overall good which can really give you an indulging time. The theme is very much like Colonization which is another good game of this genre.

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