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From the discovery of America onwards

Sid Meier's Colonization is a strategy game, combining base building with highly developed political options, civilization development and conquering of new worlds. No wonder that it is set at the high tide after the Americas were discovered, allowing you to colonize all the new world and to bring forth your civilization to the helms of modernity that the game allows. Similar to Civilization in ways, the game is more attuned to offer you a semi realistic (at scale) feel for what it was for a viceroy to have a new area colonized and upgraded. It was not an easy task, for sure, and for the most part Sid Meier's Colonization almost missed it's mark; what I mean is that there is little in the way of civilization upgrades, in terms of culture and social development oozing from the game; it's instead more of a political and territorial game, and so, it had all the elements that were necessary for the game to be playable, yet the feeling was never as good as in the Civ series. But graphically it was of the same nature, top down 8bit, yet developed enough to look great and offer you a satisfying experience. Worth downloading though, for strategy fans, and especially for Civ fans that want something a little different.

Relive the colonization of America

Sid Meier must be the king of strategy. Each and every one of his works turned out to be a multi-million dollar masterpiece. It's definitely the same with Colonization, too. As it's name suggests, this real-time strategy game is oriented toward colonizing the New World in the service of the Crown (whose Crown is it, we don't know). Your ships land and you are greeted with some very peculiar native tribes and you must do your best to deal with them, either by force or by diplomacy. Persuade, trade, bargain, kill - pick your method of choice - but you have to maintain a life with them. The game is ultimately over when the colonies become so strong that they unite and Declare Independence - just like what happened in USA. The gameplay is very detailed, extremely complicated and huge. I have probably never seen a game with so much little detail that can affect the entire outcome of the game. That said, the game is insanely fun, and veterans of the genre will absolutely adore it while newbies will need some time adjusting to it. But believe me, it's definitely worth it! The graphics are somewhat lesser than we're all used to but if you take that the game is from 1994, you'll find it adequate enough - in fact, very advanced for its age. This is a test of patience, wits and time. Are you up for the challenge?

Trade with or invade European colonies

Colonization is a great old game, I grew up playing it. It is the sort of game you will never get bored of. It is the unlimitedness of it each time you start a new game it is a new scenario, pick different nations England, Spain , The Netherlands or France and set out to conquer the new world. Fight or be friend indians. Trade with or invade rival European colonies. Harvest the resources of the new world and assign tradesmen to transform them into expensive comodities or weapons to defend your people. Turn petty criminals into hardy pioneers with time and hard work. Consult your advisors in planning your route head and win your freedom from the hardship of European taxation. The game is in the same format as Civilization but in my opinion is far better.

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