West Front

Strategy 1998 Windows TalonSoft Historical Isometric

Come on lads!

If this looks a little similar to East Front, also from Talonsoft, then there's a good reason for that as it's the direct sequel to that game. And like its predecessor, it's a turn-based historical strategy game that is long on detail and authenticity, but which also packs in a fair amount of entertainment if you're into such things. As you might expect from the title, it's set in the Second World War on the Western Front of this most terrible of conflicts and offers up the usual array of options for the armchair wargamer. You've got a handful of historical campaigns, which allow you to re-fight some of the most famous battles of the war, as well as single missions and an extremely powerful and flexible scenario and mission editor for when you're feeling creative. The game offers you control over any level of organization, from the grunts on the ground all the way up to the top, while there's the expected full range of authentic units to play around with. It's this variety of scale that is perhaps one of West Front's most interesting aspects, and which gives it much of its appeal. There's a great sense of control and flexibility and it's fun to mix between taking a general's eye view and seeing the action on the ground. This is perhaps not a game for the true hardcore wargamer, but if you're into Panzer General or other more accessible games, then this is going to offer a lot. The campaigns are extensive and challenging while the interface is slick and fairly easy to pick up and overall this makes for a fine experience.

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