Robinson's Requiem

RPG 1994 Dos Dosbox Silmarils First person Real time

Broken survival oriented adventure/RPG

In Robinsons Requiem you play the role of officer Trepliev, member of AWE (Alien World Exploration), which faces grave issues during his spacecraft voyage, seemingly due to an act of sabotage. Thus, you have no choice but to crash land on the Zarathustra penal planet (go go Nietzsche fans!), a land of peril and constant fear. But, your trusty computer will keep an eye on you and will aid you in tasks that require you to create tools, perform surgery on yourself and ultimately find a way to go back home. The game puts you in a first person camera perspective alike that of Golden Box era RPGs but more detailed. The interactions and mechanics were a combination of first person real time RPG combat with puzzle elements that involve point and clicking. The game world, while sprawling in size and available in large chunks without supplementary loading screens is poor in details, and you will be a bit lost on what to do next soon after the game starts. So, the game evokes a mixed bag of feelings, amongst which frustration is the main one. Should you attempt to give this game a go, make sure you have your walkthrough at the ready, otherwise you'll feel quite lost and boredom will settle soon after.

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