Ishar 2

RPG 1993 Dos Dosbox Silmarils Fantasy First person

The adventure continues

The original Ishar was a fine fantasy role-playing game and this sequel maintains the high quality of its predecessor but refines it and enhances the experience with much improved visuals and sound, and a slicker interface. If you haven't played the first one, then head back to the start of the trilogy for the full experience but if you are a veteran, then don't hesitate and dive straight in. In many ways, this is similar to other RPGs from the period, like Lands of Lore and Betrayal at Krondor, with players creating a party of adventuring and then exploring a vast land, searching for treasure and completing quests. In this case, the story revolves around finding an defeating the evil Shandar, who has the usual intentions of taking over the world for his own foul purposes, and while it may not be original, fantasy fans should find both the game world and the narrative reasonably engaging. Where the game really scores is in the sheer size of the world to be explored, with a massive number of locations just waiting to be discovered, all of which are presented in superb fashion, with detailed and atmospheric graphics that really bring the story to life. Combat is equally impressive, albeit extremely difficult, and players are well advised to import a party from Ishar or find themselves struggling against the powerful and skilled enemies that are to be faced here. As far as old-school RPGs go, this really is top notch stuff, with all the detail fans demand, plenty of flexibility, an engrossing storyline and splendid visuals. Really, the only drawback is the poor music but if you can ignore this, then you're in for a classic adventure. And once you're done, don't forget to finish the trilogy with the equally entertaining Ishar 3 for more fantasy RPG fun.

Graphically superior first person role playing game

This game is the continuation of Ishar, another role playing game developed using a similar engine to the famed Golden Box engine. Quite similar to the possibilities of that engine, Ishar 2 allows the player to select up to 5 party members and, along with Zubaran, the main character of the game go on a quest to find and defeat a sorcerer named Shandar. The game world is a relatively small one, being an archipelago. Thus, you will do a number of quests on an island and then go on to another isle, following the main quest. The game features a combat system that is not unlike the Dungeons and Dragons one featured heavily by most Golden Box games, though the rules are rather different. Still, your characters are defined by their stats but also by their equipment and level. The game has a bit of a heavier learning curve, but fortunately, with a larger group of companions that can be overcome. The game world is nicely drawn, and the main interaction screen is a bit larger than the older Golden Box engine standards. The game can be played in SVGA mode, with very well drawn and sharp environments. A real treat for lovers of classic era first person role playing games.

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