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A flawed survival game with an accent on simulation

Deus should have been the continuation of Robinson's Requiem both in the story told as well as in the tightening of the gameplay and in doing away with many of the bugs and inconsistencies of the original. Because the original game brought with it an innovative free form item combination system, gamers managed to look away at some of the problems that the game came with. However, being faced with the same challenges in the second game seemed a bit too lazy. With or without these bugs, the game is a very messy array of different mechanics and unfortunate choices. While some of the simulation is ok, most of the game feels like a constant trudge and, quite simply, it doesn't pay to suffer, as the reward is too small if not missing at all. Yes, the game had an original story, manage to survive on an alien planet, but so did Another World, and that game was really good. Whereas, this one is just a failed second attempt and you would be hard pressed to justify the time you spend with it.

Better than Robinson's Requiem

Deus was that kind of game that realy stood from the rest of it's similar bunch. It wasn't just another adventure game. Actualy it felt as a remake of Robinson's Requiem. But alot better, with better graphics and more options. It was put in the first person prespective. Kinda 1st person adventure/exploration/survival-in-the-wild game. You could explore the land and combine different elements to create a tool (example, make a strong rope from a certain plant and combine it with a stick to make an arrow. But its not as easy as it seems). You even had to disinfect the water before you drink it. And the most fun part was, when you got bite by a snake or if you broken your arm, after the injury started to infect your blood, you could always amputate both. Same goes for the legs (without painkillers, you could die from shock, certainly is realistic). It is kinda hard at first... I certainly enjoyed the prequel and normaly, I extremely enjoyed this one. Give it a try, you won't be dissapointed.

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