Sacred Gold

RPG 2004 Windows Strategy First Isometric Fantasy Action based Role playing Action

A-slaying we will go!

Sacred is a Diablo-style action RPG which is pretty entertaining stuff, although it is rather outdone by its sequel, Sacred 2. This Gold edition is still worth picking up though as it includes a couple of decent add-on packs which make it better value. The game takes place in a familiar fantasy-style setting, and uses that classic tale of a mysterious darkness spreading over the land and which requires a bunch of heroes to rise up to save the day. This of course is where you come in, and you get a choice of eight different characters, including some interesting ones like Daemon and Seraphim, before you start exploring the land. This is pretty similar stuff to other action RPGs like the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, so most of the elements seen in such games are also found here, with an extensive array of spells, combat skills, quests and so on. If you've never played such a game before, this one is actually a good starting point, as it's very simple to control, while if you're more interested in the action than the narrative, you can pretty much ignore the plot and just wander around whacking bad guys. Sacred is far from a classic but it does the job well enough and is mostly entertaining stuff. It's very simple to pick up and play, with its simple interface, while the range of characters and other options give it some depth and variety. Combat is fast-paced and satisfying, while the visuals aren't spectacular but do the job well enough. There are some issues with the difficulty, which spikes unpredictably, but apart from this, Sacred is a solid effort.

Very satisfying action role playing game

Sacred never achieved the levels of success that Diablo managed. However, it sort of gotten a small but devoted following, mainly because it managed an equilibrated recipe of 2D top down role playing with lots to do and lots of ways to personalize your character. The classes in Sacred are the classic ones, the fighter, the long range fighter and the mage specialist. At any rate, this gold version is a package containing the patched Sacred original plus the Underworld expansion. Actually, Underworld is a standalone, and for a while it was sold as such, but anyway, it continues the story of the original and it has more underground levels, as the name rightly suggests. In terms of playability Sacred is a great, addictive action RPG, and in terms of storytelling and graphics, well it's alright, Compared to a game such as Diablo it may look a bit less focused, but it's by no means a much worse game. So, if you haven't tried this 2d top down RPG, the GOG version should be the best possible option, so do give it a try.

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