Ragnarök Online

RPG 2002 Windows Gravity Isometric Fantasy Anime Massively multiplayer

The doom of the gods!

In its heyday, Ragnarok was perhaps the greatest single-player online RPG ever, a bold claim but one which it actually stands a good chance of taking. It's delightfully old-school in its nature and boasts a classic look along with heaps of enjoyable gameplay, making it a truly excellent example of the genre, standing comfortably alongside World of Warcraft (and far ahead of Might & Magic Heroes Online). The game is based on a comic series of the same name and takes place in a well-realized fantasy universe and which features many of the usual elements of this type of thing. Therefore, you can expect heaps of character customization, bucketloads of quests to take on, loot to discover and pretty much everything else you'd hope to find. The visuals are a bit different to most games like this, boasting a 2D sprite look which is utterly charming, while the setting takes the classic Norse mythology of warring gods and turns it into a fascinating backdrop. The story aspect is one where the game falls down a little as it's not developed as well as it might have been but in all other respects, this is top notch stuff. It scores a lot of points for its lovely visuals but the game world itself is even more fascinating. There's no end of things to do here and it's easy to get lost with the sheer amount of stuff to keep you busy, all of which is endlessly enjoyable and just plain fun. The game had a great community too, with really friendly players that made things even more appealing, and which helped mark this out as something special.

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