Santa Claus in Trouble

Action 2002 Windows CDV Myth and legend Platformer 3D

One of the best holiday games ever

Santa Claus in Trouble is a 2002 seasonal platform game whose action takes place from a 3rd-person perspective. You are put in charge to help Santa Claus retrieve all the lost gifts on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, he lost all the presents and he can't afford to let down all those children that were obedient. They deserve to receive the desired gifts, so play this game to play an important role on Christmas, making happy all the children! You have to collect all the gifts and avoid dangers. When the level is completed, you will see how many gifts in each category you collected, and based on those numbers and the time spent in that level, you will receive a certain score. There are presents scattered all over the place, and beside jumping from roof to roof and paying attention not to fall into the abyss, you also have to avoid touching the scary enemies that walk around near the gifts, guarding them. If you want a seasonal game for the Christmas holidays, Santa Claus in Trouble is for you! And even those that don't really enjoy Christmas carols will love it! Great graphics, nice music and an addictive gameplay! I played a lot of seasonal games, but after trying this, I have to admit it is one of the best holiday games ever.

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