Indiana Jack

Action 2003 Windows 1C Company Platformer 3D

Platformer action game of the Nintendo 64 school

While Nintendo games, especially the ones released for the Nintendo 64 console and beyond might have an appeal of their own, few people would really consider them masterpieces. One of the reasons is that the games were never really ported to the PC, or rather, the concepts they showcased were not considered PC friendly. What were these concepts, you might ask? Well, first and foremost, the type of arcadey, action game that also included platforming elements, while at the same time sporting graphics that were detailed but cartoony. This was the secret of these 64bit era games, and a game such as Indiana Jack understood what the recipe was. Sure enough, the game emerged in 2003, a period when 3D gaming on the PC was in full bloom, and so, its legacy might not have been so thoroughly remembered or considerable, but, nevertheless, the game managed to do a good job. You control Jack, an explorer, through a multitude of levels, some of which will remind you of Banjo Kazooie, while others might take you back to 46 bit era Zelda games. At any rate, if you can live with entertaining but simple 3D platforming games with a very cartoonish feel, this is one of the few PC games to do just that, and to do it very well indeed.

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