Frogger: The Great Quest

Action 2001 Windows Konami Platformer 3D

Squash this frog

The original Frogger is a classic slice of arcade action that remains a hugely enjoyable and nostalgic experience even today. While the idea of a sequel or update has resulted in a few decent games, such as ThreeeDeep, this take on the formula is pretty much an unmitigated disaster. The game takes its inspiration from 3D platformers like Croc and Mario 64 but gets just about everything wrong and which results in a complete waste of time. Here, Frogger finds himself in the magical 3D world of Firefly Pond, where he must embark on an epic quest to discover the princess of his dreams. This translates into a standard 3D platformer, where you must explore a variety of environments, including such places as dark caves, goblin camps, streams, swamps, and castles. There's a large variety of NPCs to discover and interact with, some helpful, some not so friendly, while the gameplay mostly consists of very basic exploration with the usual running, jumping and avoiding of enemies. Even when considered in terms of its target market, this is a poor game. It first insults fans of the original by bearing no real resemblance to its source material and thus feels little more than a shallow cash-in. Things don't get any better when you start playing, with the combination of asinine storyline and dull gameplay rendering this a chore rather than a piece of entertainment. The visuals are poor while the game is also so riddled with annoying bugs that it actually becomes more fun trying to find them all and break the game. Really, this is best left in the trash pile.

Frogger the great quest

It is the best adventure game I ever played. It has good music, characters and it has many game levels. My best music in this game is when you start the game and the best character is the crocodile in third level. AWESOME GAME!!!

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