Sea Legends

Simulation 1996 Dos Dosbox OCEAN Strategic scope

Ahoy there, me hearties!

Sea Legends is quite similar in scope and tone to Sid Meier's classic pirates simulator, Pirates!, and as an alternative to this classic adventure, it's well worth a look. It's got all the swashbuckling action and variety you could ask for, and although it's a tad dated, it's still a lot of fun today. You take the role of a dashing young sea captain by the name of Richard Gray who gets to venture forth into the wide blue yonder back in the glory days of the age of sail. The story here starts out fairly simply but as you progress it becomes more complex, and one of the game's interesting features is the way that small events have significant impacts on the plot. In gameplay terms, this is the usual mix of exploring, trading, fighting (both naval and land-based), with a great variety of weapons, buildings, and other elements to discover and which each have unique impacts on the game. There's a good sense of scale to things and building up your fleet is quite satisfying, but also surprisingly easy, thanks to the slick, intuitive interface which makes navigating and making decisions a breeze. Another of the game's appeals is the sheer variety of things to do, with the various trading, exploration and combat elements each implemented well, and each of which is genuinely quite enjoyable. There are minor issues, such as the static feeling of the towns, which makes them feel a little less than alive at times, but with its variety and atmospheric visuals, this stands as a rollicking good adventure.

A fantastic sea adventure game

When the hit game Pirates! came out, many developers tried hard to make a game that is as similar to it as possible. OCEAN has successfully done that feat and made a game that is as good as Pirates, with its own original twists and turns. Sea Legends has taken all the good qualities from Pirates and added some of its own and as a result we have ourself a truly remarkable game. As in Pirates, you are set in the Carribean and, although there is a plot and mission you would have to follow, you can choose to totally disregard the plot and just cruise the seas, trade, steal and plunder as much as you like. Strategy and management elements are present. The graphics are truly amazing and you play the game from the first person point of view in high quality 3D. The sound is also good, but nothing special. The final conclusion is that you will like this game if you love histories of pirates and middle age Carribean places.

Loved it at first sight

This game is like Sid's Meier Pirates, but the graphic level and the options are more enjoyable. I can advise to try for everybody, if you like Pirates and the same kind of games. Good game and have fun!

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