Defcon 5

Simulation 1995 Dos Dosbox Millennium Interactive Futuristic Strategic scope

The gameplay is actually thrilling!

It is a futuristic strategy and action game where the plot is a bit different from what you see in other typical game in this genre. The plot is that in some far away futuristic world, there is peace time and the bases are now being upgraded with modern technology and software. You will play an engineer in the game who has been sent to a base to upgrade with a software which will control all its functions. However, the base is under air and ground attack and you have not yet fully incorporated the software. Now you will use this software to control turrets, robots so that they can fight against the attackers. You will view and control the action from a first person perspective inside a complex from where you can control your machines and turrets. While you monitor and kill the enemies, you will also have to access various keys of the software so that it gets more and more efficient and functional. The good thing in the game is the all the commands that you give out have a different impact and can really make and break the situation. The level designs in the game are very good and is supported by some brilliant graphics and interface. The controls are also good and the variety of options are also rich. Its prequel Defcon 5 shares the same excitement and fun.

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